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InitOptions interface


export interface InitOptions 


Property Modifiers Type Description
alwaysFresh? boolean (Optional) By default, fetchComponentData() and fetchPages() calls cached in memory with the PlasmicComponentLoader instance. If alwaysFresh is true, then data is always freshly fetched over the network.
cache? LoaderBundleCache (Optional)
host? string (Optional)
i18n? { keyScheme: "content" | "hash" | "path"; tagPrefix?: string; } (Optional)
i18nKeyScheme? "content" | "hash" (Optional)
nativeFetch? boolean (Optional) If true, uses browser / node's native fetch
onClientSideFetch? "warn" | "error" (Optional)
platform? "react" | "nextjs" | "gatsby" (Optional)
platformOptions? { nextjs?: { appDir: boolean; }; } (Optional)
preview? boolean (Optional)
projects { id: string; token: string; version?: string; }[]
skipHead? boolean (Optional) If true, generated code from the server won't include page metadata tags