Developer Guide

Plasmic lets you visually build presentational components that can be rendered from your production codebase. It allows logic/data/behavior to be attached using code in a natural way.

This guide covers how to use Plasmic with a codebase.

If you’re just building static websites, you may not need this guide—you can use Plasmic’s built-in Publish flow to create a new codebase and deploy a full end-to-end website without touching code yourself at all.

There are two ways to integrate Plasmic into a codebase:

  • Codegen: Emit code files into your repo. Recommended for apps that will add a lot of interactivity.
  • PlasmicLoader: For Next.js/Gatsby. Pulls in content at build-time, without adding files to your repo. Recommended for content-heavy websites with light interactivity.

Learn more about PlasmicLoader vs Codegen.

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