Focus mode

Plasmic has a “focus mode,” which shows a single canvas artboard in Plasmic Studio for you to edit.

You can access it from the View menu, or by pressing the M key whenever you have an artboard selected.

This gives you an editing experience that is a bit more similar to that of traditional page builders, where you are only looking at and editing a single screen at a time, and choosing which screen variant you’re editing from a top dropdown. This can be slightly simpler for content creator roles to work with, if they do not need to work on layout or responsiveness and are just focusing on content (see also content creator mode).

This mode is also optimized for performance, ensuring that only the single artboard is loaded in-memory. You can continue to view and edit different variants using the dropdown menu in the top toolbar.

If you are experiencing performance issues using Plasmic Studio on large or complex projects, please give this a try.

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