Plume Components

In this section, we will describe and showcase the components that are currently supported by Plume.

Keep in mind that the Plume component system is not a specific set of pre-designed components that you can use; instead, it is a set of hooks that you can attach to your Plasmic-designed components to make them come alive. Each Plume component hook produces a React component with its own API that you can use in your application.

See Plume in different themes

To better demonstrate the components that can be created and how they can be used, we have designed a few different but relatively boring themes for showing the bare minimum capabilities of the Plume components. The power of the Plume Component System is that you are free to go wild with your designs — adding your own variants, your own slots, your own elements, and mixing in your own behavior — to perfectly suit your needs!

Current kit:
Plain Kit