An artboard is just a view of a component. You can have many artboards viewing a component, each one viewing it in a different variant.

Normally these are managed for you, since you’re always focused on some page or component. But in custom arenas, you can freely create and arrange your artboards.

When you create a “scratch” artboard, it actually isn’t associated with a component at all. It’s just a blank canvas for you to draw on—a scratch space. You can convert a scratch artboard into a component, after which the artboard will be a view of that component. Do so by selecting an artboard and clicking this button in the right sidebar.

When an artboard is a view of a component, we call that a bound artboard. You are directly editing the component master in that artboard. (You can also edit the component master anywhere there is an instance of a component—double-clicking instances drills into editing the master in Spotlight Mode.)

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