Importing across projects

In short: once you’ve imported a project A into a project B, then you can start using any component you created in A from within B. Beyond components, you can reuse any imported asset (images, icons, tokens, mixins, etc.).

To import assets across projects:

  • In your upstream project, make sure you have some components or other assets created.
  • In the left sidebar, switch to the Published Versions tab, and publish a version of your project.
  • Copy the project ID, which you can see in the URL bar. For a URL like, the project ID Is XjuFFTSZb8fanzCHT2C1jz.
  • In your downstream project, in the left sidebar, switch to the Imported Projects tab to import the project you just published, pasting the upstream project’s ID.
  • Now in your insert menu, you can see all the components and other assets available for insertion.

You can also repeatedly publish new versions of your upstream project and re-import the updates into your downstream project. This will update all imported assets directly in place.

Publishing versions also ensures you have a version history of your project. You can always revert back to an earlier version of the project.

Disconnecting imported projects

After you’ve imported a component across projects, you can later choose to disconnect from the imported project.

This won’t break anything in the downstream project; Plasmic will make a hard copy of any imported assets in use in the downstream project.