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Publishing is how you release your project externally, whether it’s deploying straight to production or sharing components with another project.

To start the publishing workflow, click the top-right “Publish” button. The publishing workflow has two phases:

  1. Saving a published version
  2. Triggering publish actions (e.g. deploy to production)

Saving a published version

In the publish dialog, it’s recommended to click “review all changes” to view a summary of the changes made since the last published version. You may optionally add a description and tags, which help you differentiate versions from each other in the “Published Versions” left tab.

Once you click “Publish”, a version of your project is saved, and the following capabilities are unlocked:

  • Versioning - Each time you publish/save, the current state of your project will be saved as a new version. You can access all versions in “Published Versions” left tab. Saved versions are final and cannot be edited.
  • Importing - Published projects can be imported by other projects to reuse their components, styles, and other assets. This is useful for maintaining consistent designs and patterns across multiple projects (i.e. design system). Learn more about importing published projects.
  • Tagging - For developers: Tags can be used to manage deployments to multiple environments.
  • Versioned code sync - For developers: By default, only published versions (not the latest in-flight changes) will be synced to your codebase. You can further limit syncing to only backward-compatible changes.

Reverting to a previous version

You can view old versions of your project in the “Published Versions” left tab. Click on a version to view it (you won’t be able to edit it).

To revert to a version, right-click and select “Revert to this version”. This will update the current state of the project to the previous version, including all pages, components, styles, and assets. The revert will not automatically publish a new version; you must manually publish the project again.

If you don’t want to revert everything, try copy-pasting select elements from an old version to your current version.

Publish actions

After a published version is saved, your project’s publish actions will be (optionally) triggered.

Publish actions can be configured in the same publish dialog. When you (or your developer) configure your project’s publish actions, Plasmic saves the publish actions and their settings. Every time an editor publishes the project, the same configured publish actions will be run.

Plasmic supports the following publish actions:

  • Plasmic hosting - Perfect for deploying a Plasmic Studio project as a website without any code.
  • Webhooks - Requires developer setup: Call any number of webhooks to trigger your build and deploy workflows.
  • Push to GitHub - Requires developer setup: Push commits or submit pull requests to your GitHub repo.

Plasmic hosting

Plasmic hosting is the fast and easy way to deploy your project as a website, without code. You can use your own custom domain and/or grab a domain, like For step-by-step instructions on publishing your website with Plasmic hosting, follow our no-code quickstart.

You can also choose to display a small “Made with Plasmic” logo on your website to help spread awareness of Plasmic. We appreciate your support!

Note: Plasmic hosting runs on Plasmic’s servers rather than your own application, so it does not have access to your custom code components and cannot render them (they’ll just be omitted from the published site).

Third-party deployment providers

If your project has code, you’ll need to use a third-party deployment provider like Vercel or Netlify. Read our deployments and automation page, tailored for developers, to get started.

Show us what you made!

No matter where you take your project, we’d love to hear about where your site ends up!

Show off your project in our community forum in the showcase category, where you can inspire others in the community, get feedback, and share ideas. Or, feel free to email us privately at

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