The `plasmic-loader.json` file

You can now specify PlasmicLoader options via the plasmic-loader.json file. This file is generated the first time PlasmicLoader executes and is managed by you.

The configuration is nearly identical as with the plugin options with a tiny change - projects is now an array of objects with projectId, and optionally, projectApiToken.

Plugin configuration still works, and takes precedence over configuration defined in plasmic-loader.json.

projectsNone (Only required setting!)An array of projects. Each project consist of the projectId, and optionally, projectApiToken.
dirCurrent working directory.The root directory of your project.
plasmicDir.cache/.plasmic (Gatsby)
.plasmic (Next)
Plasmic will sync your plasmic projects to this directory.
pageDirsrc/pages (Gatsby)
A directory with your existing pages.
watchTrue (in development)
False otherwise.
Listen to changes in your plasmic project and sync them to your codebase.
initArgsPlatform-dependent.Plasmic is able to detect your codebase language (js, tsx) and comes with good defaults for public folder, image assets, css mode and other options. Click here for a full list. To override something, pass an object with the key being plasmic CLI’s flag name and the corresponding value.
substitutionsNoneClick here. for more information regarding component substitution.
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