Content creator mode

Plasmic has a content creator mode. This accompanies a content creator role that you can designate for team members (including clients).

This mode:

  • Limits building and editing pages to using the existing components available in the project—whether those components were built in Plasmic, or code components registered from your codebase.
  • Hides all free-form styling, low-level HTML elements, token/mixin management, and more.

This makes Plasmic more accessible to editors who don’t need to be concerned with design details, and at the same time it ensures design consistency on your site.

Side note: Another feature that is very relevant to helping content creators is that components can restrict the types of elements that are inserted into their slots—see the allowedComponents docs.

Content creator roles can furthermore create and edit CMS entries in the built-in Plasmic CMS.

The role is available on Growth plans and higher. Enterprise plans will be able to further customize what is enabled or disabled for the content creator role, letting you customize and control the Plasmic visual editing experience—for more details, contact our enterprise team.

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