Plasmic as a white label builder

(Note: this is regarding integrating Plasmic’s page building capabilities into a product. If you are simply looking to apply your agency’s branding to Plasmic Studio for your clients, that’s already included in Enterprise plans.)

Plasmic is a versatile visual builder that can adapt to a diverse range of use cases, from websites to full-stack applications. Developing a high-quality, robust visual editing platform for the web is a significant engineering challenge, often taking years to perfect.

Integrating Plasmic as a white label builder dramatically reduces that development time, allowing you and your team to focus on what truly matters - delivering value to your users.

Use cases for Plasmic as a white label builder

For those who want to integrate a robust visual builder into their products, Plasmic offers the perfect solution. Here are a few examples where Plasmic has been successfully integrated:

  • Products that need to include a page builder. For instance, a platform for restaurants that lets restaurants tailor their own business pages.
  • Products that need to include a form builder. For instance, a business process platform that wants to let their users design highly custom forms as parts of their workflows.

Benefits of white labeling Plasmic

The beauty of Plasmic lies not just in its robust editing capabilities, but in its customization and extensibility. When you choose to white label Plasmic, you can:

  • Give your users the exact building blocks appropriate for your domain with code components.
  • Control exactly what degrees of freedom your users have and what parts of the Plasmic Studio UI are visible with Customizable Content Creator mode.
  • When users hit “Publish”, control is transferred back to your stack so that you can build and deploy what you need.
  • Define your own templates, including both page and section templates.
  • Apply your own branding for a seamless user experience.

Plasmic Platform API

To enable this use case, you gain access to the Plasmic Platform API, which allows you to:

  • Provision users, workspaces, and projects.
  • Auth integration that seamlessly authenticates your logged-in users into Plasmic without a separate login step, or integrate with your end-user SSO.
  • Land users directly into specific projects, bypassing the Plasmic dashboard.
  • Optionally embed Plasmic in your UI with an iframe.

What you’ll need

White labeling Plasmic requires a partnership, and we’re excited to explore this selectively with potential partners.

If you’re interested in discussing further, please get in touch.

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