Plasmic for building full-stack apps

App-building features are in early access! Try building apps and give us your feedback on our community forum.

With Plasmic, you can build full-stack apps that range from internal tools like admin panels or dashboards, to external apps such as customer portals or products.

Leverage Plasmic’s flexibility and expressiveness to create highly custom, powerful apps. You have the freedom to integrate these apps wherever required and expand their capabilities with code, ensuring the platform never limits or hinders your ability to ship.

How is Plasmic used for web applications?

Plasmic lets you visually design and build web applications. Examples include internal tools, customer portals, line of business applications, SaaS products, mobile progressive web apps, and more.

This is for both developers and non-developers. You can build entire web applications without code, or you can write code throughout your project to express more complex logic.

One highlight of Plasmic is its powerful set of core concepts such as components, expressions, state management, and more, which give it significant depth and expressivity as an app builder.

Beyond no-code vs low-code—unlike existing app builders which are invariably walled gardens with complexity ceilings, Plasmic uniquely scales to building apps of any complexity, and gives you full control and customization power. It does this by integrating deeply with existing codebases.

For example:

  • Your existing code and components can become building blocks, from design systems to data sources to complex interactions.
  • You can customize and extend Plasmic itself with your own code.
  • You can integrate what you create back into a codebase—for instance, building new screens within existing apps.

For more on what sets Plasmic apart from other app builders, see the in-depth comparisons.

Basic 5-minute tutorial

Start with the built-in Plasmic tutorial. It’s available at the top of the main dashboard upon logging into Plasmic.

This tutorial walks you through the process of creating a basic customer management app in just 5 minutes, perfect for a quick yet comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of the platform.

Start from templates

As a next step, check out the app templates.

Starting with a template is the fastest way to get up and running. Templates not only act as examples for you to explore, but they can also be cloned and customized to create your unique project.

Simply click on ‘New Project’ to browse the template library and choose one to start.

App building foundations

Building apps in Plasmic involves a few fundamental concepts (each links to more specific documentation):

When combined, these features empower you to build comprehensive full-stack apps, without writing any code.

For those who prefer visual learning, we’ve compiled a series of videos that offer insight into what you can achieve with Plasmic.

Using interactive components

Creating interactions

Integrating with databases and APIs

User logins and permissions

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