Adding HTML head and other page metadata

Plasmic supports easy setting of common page metadata, including:

  • Page title that shows up in the browser tab and search results
  • Page description that shows up in search results
  • Social media preview image

Beyond that, you can enable content editors to specify arbitrary metadata for your pages (and components), as key-value pairs. See the button toward the bottom of the page settings modal:

Setting page metadata

Your code integration can then fetch these as part of the page data.

const data = await PLASMIC.fetchComponentData('/', 'LoginForm');
entryCompMetas: [
// There's one object here for each entrypoint you
// specified in your call to fetchComponentData()
id: "...",
name: "LandingPage",
displayName: "Landing Page",
isPage: true,
// Arbitrary page key-value pairs show up here.
metadata: {
isStagingOnly: "true",
keywords: "seo, search, engine, optimization, rank, pagerank",
customTargeting: "audience=women, repeatbuyer=true",
// ...

It can then interpret them how you wish, including rendering them as head elements using a library such as next/head or react-helmet.

export const getStaticProps = async () => {
const plasmicData = await PLASMIC.fetchComponentData('LandingPage');
return {
props: {
export default function MyPage(props: { plasmicData: ComponentRenderData }) {
return (
<PlasmicRootProvider loader={PLASMIC} prefetchedData={props.plasmicData}>
<meta name="keywords" content={props.plasmicData.entryCompMetas[0].metadata.keywords} />
<PlasmicComponent component="LandingPage" />

See the API reference for more.

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