Component prop settings

In Plasmic Studio, when you are editing a component, you can configure whether each of its props is included in code generation, and how each one is generated.

Almost all of the time, you don’t need to touch this at all. You can simply change your component interface in the wrapper component code (or the substituted component code if using PlasmicLoader) to add or remove props.

Say you are making a Header component. This is what the options mean.

  • External (this is the default for all props): The prop is made available on the Header wrapper component as well as the PlasmicHeader presentational component. So, anyone can use <Header prop={...}/>.

  • Internal: The prop is made available only on the PlasmicHeader component (so only use-able by the Header wrapper component).

  • Tool Only: Not code-generated at all. Used only at design-time in Plasmic Studio.

Usually, the only time you would need this is if you want to keep a prop of the same name and change its type.

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